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American Cattle Services ... Knowledge is Power

As the Limousin breed continues to grow at a record pace, merchandising knowledge becomes increasingly important.

Your power in merchandising lies in your ability to market your cattle at any level. From the "bright light" sales at the national or regional level to the homework you do to develop your local market can determine success or failure in the purebred cattle business.

American Cattle Services, an Oklahoma-based sales management service, has kept a finger on the pulse of the Limousin breed since the first French import made his debut in America over 20 years ago.

Developing your local market is up to you. But when it comes to merchandising your cattle at regional or national levels, ACS can help!

If you are planning your next Limousin auction event, would like to consign cattle to a Limousin sale, or are interested in purchasing Limousin cattle, give us a call or E-mail.